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Concoct Viral YouTube Shorts Personalized to Your Style

Ideacadabra's AI is #BuiltDifferent because it generates personalized content just for you and helps you smoothly manage it through the creative process!


Our AI generates Personalized Ideas just for you based on your past content and what your audience loves.
Past Content

Our AI looks at all your past content to understand what makes you unique.

What Your Audience Loves

It also scours the Internet, including comments on your content, to understand what your audience loves.

Living Ideas (like an AI-enhanced Trello board) helps you manage your content seamlessly through the creative process.
Add Ideas with Ease

Only add a few words about the idea, and the AI will fill out the rest of the concept!

Evolve the Idea over Time

Our AI scours the Internet to constantly update the idea with the latest trends and information, even while you're sleeping.

We find rising trends that are relevant for you--before they hit their peak
Hot Trends

Our AI finds the hottest (fastest-growing) trends that are actually relevant to you, your content, and your followers.

Before They Hit Their Peak

It's too late if the trend has already hit its peak! We identify the fastest-growing trends beforehand, so you have time to create great content.

Your Relevant Trends
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AI-Generated Instagram Captions
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Our cutting-edge AI comes up jaw-droppingly good ideas.
Magical AI

Our AI was developed by expert machine learning engineers (from universities like Cornell and companies like Apple) using the most modern and cutting-edge algorithms.

The AI Creates...

Titles, descriptions, thumbnails, scripts, songs, hashtags, and much more! We create for YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Instagram, TikTok, and X (Twitter)!

Our AI lets you iterate until you find the perfect idea.
ChatGPT AI for Feedback

Did we give you a great video description, but you want it to be funnier and want to change some specific words? No problem--just keep giving the AI specific feedback until you have the idea you love!

Like Your Smartest Friend

Our AI is like your smartest friend who always has good ideas, except our AI knows about EVERYTHING!

Lord HecHip-Hop Dance Expert | Owner of Lord Hec YouTube channel | 700K subscribers

I make fun dance tutorials on YouTube and have over half a million subscribers. Ideacadabra helps me figure out what my audience wants, so I didn't have to play a guessing game.

They're consistently able to find hot trends I'm not aware of, and their AI gives excellent ideas for titles, descriptions, and thumbnails. Videos they've helped with (both YouTube long form and YouTube Shorts) have generated over hundreds of thousand of views--multiple times!

Ideacadabra eliminated the amount of research I had to do, from days to only an hour or two with the product. I was able to gather 500K YouTube subscribers simply with the use of Ideacadabra. It's helped me propel my channel to the next level!

AngelaMaster Gardener | Owner of Growing in the Garden YouTube channel | 200K subscribers

I'm an expert at gardening but need help knowing which content will perform well. I love using Ideacadabra to "pull back the curtain" and get a glimpse into what people are interested in watching. The videos I post using their suggestions have performed significantly better (3-4x more views) than my other videos.

Ideacadabra is simple to use, and I especially love the suggestions for titles and descriptions; it makes that part of my job much more manageable. As a result, Ideacadabra is now a much-used item in my content planning and creating toolkit.


AI-Generated Content Ideas