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The magical, creative power of Ideacadabra is at your fingertips.


Get a taste of the magic

    • Personalized Ideas: AI-generated content ideas personalized for your voice and audience (Limit 1 YouTube channel)
    • Living Ideas: Helps you manage your content seamlessly through the creative process (Limit 3 Living Ideas)
    • Creator Cauldron: Generate titles, descriptions, thumbnails, songs, and hashtags for YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Instagram, TikTok, and X
    • AI Comment Analysis: Analyze your followers' comments to gain actionable insights into improving your content
    • Trends: Find rising trends relevant to your audience, before they hit their peak




    Power up with no limits

  • Apprentice features plus:

    • Unlimited YouTube Channels for Personalized Ideas
    • Unlimited Living Ideas

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    Become a master

  • Wizard features plus:

    • AI-Generated avatars of yourself or others (including voice generation)
    • Localization for over 50 languages
    • Custom AI for literally any ideas and content you need help with

    AI-Generated Content Ideas